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No Edge 2-Way 6.5″ In-Ceiling Speaker, some might say the best 6 inch ceiling speaker. Designed to seamlessly blend into your living space while delivering exceptional sound quality, this speaker is a testament to modern engineering and innovation.

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Are you looking for the best 6 inch ceiling speakers? Your search has ended with our 6.5″ In-Ceiling Architectural Speaker.

The goal was to create the finest architectural speakers available, not just the best 6 inch ceiling speakers. How is such a high standard achieved? It starts with an experienced team of engineers that has been designing products for the commercial and home architectural audio industry for over 20 years.

We combine the team’s engineering expertise and experience with their passion to create speakers that stand apart from all the rest in sound quality and speaker durability. To us, great speakers enhance great music.

Our team genuinely gets stoked about music and still gets excited when we listen to our favorite tunes perfected on one of our audio-enhancing creations. For tips and insights on the best speaker placement for surround sound check out our Architectural Speaker Placement Guide. Finally, each of our speakers is backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Top of the Line Audio Technology

Experience the pinnacle of audio technology with our state-of-the-art No Edge 2-Way 6.5″ In-Ceiling Speaker, some might say the best 6 inch ceiling speaker. Designed to seamlessly blend into your living space while delivering exceptional sound quality, this speaker is a testament to modern engineering and innovation. Here are the key features that set it apart:

Modern No Edge 2-Way In-Ceiling Design: Our speaker boasts a sleek and contemporary design with no visible edges, ensuring a seamless integration into your ceiling for a clean and stylish look.

Dual Coated (Zinc and Powder) Steel Grill: The speaker’s grill is crafted with dual coatings of zinc and powder, ensuring durability and longevity. It is firmly attached to the speaker using neodymium magnets, providing a secure fit while maintaining easy access for maintenance.

Extra Wide Threaded Screws for Quick Dogleg Fastening: Installing the speaker is a breeze, thanks to the extra wide threaded screws. With quick dogleg fastening, you can securely mount the speaker in no time, saving you valuable installation time.

Large Push Terminals: The speaker features large push terminals, allowing for easy and hassle-free connection of speaker wires. Say goodbye to fumbling with tiny terminals and enjoy a seamless setup process.

Removable Scrim Cloth: We understand the need for customization, which is why our speaker comes with a removable scrim cloth. You can easily replace the cloth with a different color or design to match your interior décor, providing a personalized touch to your space.

Did we mention our LIFETIME WARRANTY: We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our product. For your peace of mind, we offer a lifetime warranty, ensuring that your investment is protected for years to come.

Discover a new level of audio excellence with our best 6 inch ceiling speakers a No Edge 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker. Elevate your audio experience and transform your living spaces into a haven of immersive sound.

Acoustic Specifications:

 • 6.5” (165.1mm) Polypropylene Woofer: Experience deep, rich bass and powerful audio performance with the 6.5" polypropylene woofer. Enjoy your music, movies, and games with enhanced low-frequency response.
 • 1″ (25.4mm) Soft Dome Pivoting Tweeter: The 1" soft dome pivoting tweeter delivers crystal-clear highs and smooth, accurate sound reproduction. Adjust the tweeter to direct the sound precisely where you want it for an immersive listening experience.
 • 5/75 WPC Power Handling: With a power handling capability of 5 to 75 watts per channel, this speaker can handle a wide range of audio amplification, ensuring excellent performance in any setting.
 • 87dB SPL: Enjoy a robust and immersive audio experience with a sound pressure level of 87dB, providing clear and dynamic sound reproduction.
 • Impedance 8Ω: The speaker's 8Ω impedance ensures compatibility with a wide range of audio devices, allowing for seamless integration into your existing setup.
 • Frequency Response 50Hz – 20kHz: From the lowest bass notes to the highest treble tones, this speaker offers a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz, capturing the full range of audio frequencies with precision and accuracy.

Mechanical Specifications:

 • Baffle Diameter: 9.25″ (235mm)
  • Mounting Depth: 3.5″ (89mm)
  • Cut Out Dimensions: 8.25″ (210mm)
  • Pre-Construction: Use Vanguard PCBC-6

6.5 Inch In-Ceiling Speaker

Stealth Design

Modern micro-trim magnetic grill designed to disappear in any home or office.

speaker sound waves

High Fidelity

8-inch polypropylene woofer paired with a 1-inch pivoting silk dome tweeter.

circuit close up

Quality Components

High quality crossover components with strong wire terminals and tweeter thermal protection.

dog leg close up

Easy Installation

Extra wide threaded dogleg screws for fast and secure mounting.

ferrari show speaker installation

Internationally Renowned

Installed in luxury homes around the world and a Ferrari exhibit.


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