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VAIL Amp 3 – Room Package w/ 2x 6.5 Inch In-Ceiling Speakers

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Looking for a gen 3 amp for your Alexa ceiling speakers? Our VAIL Amp 3 speaker package has you covered, amplify your Echo Dot 3 stream with our in-ceiling speaker package.

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Integrate the Echo Dot into your custom-installed audio system with our gen 3 amp. The innovative Vail Amp 3 from Vanguard Dynamics lets you turn a wired multi-room audio system into a modern “smart” system with convenient voice control, using your 3rd-generation Amazon Echo Dot (not included) as the music source and our made to work with Alexa ceiling speakers. Its 30-watt x 2 amplifier powers your in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, for way better sound than the Dot’s internal speaker can produce. So if you are seeking a gen 3 amp look no further.

Multi-room audio and voice control

You can use multiple Vail Amps (and Echo Dots) to create a whole-home system with voice control. You can tell Alexa to play different music in each room, streaming Alexa-friendly services like Spotify® and Amazon Music Unlimited via Wi-Fi®. With an Echo Dot in each room, you get manual push-button control and voice control over the system, without having to run a lot of wire or infrared repeaters. You can even go a little bit old-school and use it as an intercom system.

The Vail Amp 3 mounts your Dot in an attractive in-wall dock, where it doubles as a “local” in-wall volume control for that room. You can make the installation match your decor with the included paintable trim plate. An included wall plate module contains input connections for a local source like a TV, and an output for adding a powered subwoofer.

Room Package includes a VAIL Amp 3 and a pair of 6.5″ – made to work with Alexa ceiling speakers.

Echo Dot 3rd gen sold separately.

Amplifier Connections:

• 3.5mm audio input for Amazon Echo Dot
• RJ-45 connector for wall plate module
• Left and right speaker output terminals

Wall Plate Connections:

• Stereo analog RCA input
• Mono RCA analog subwoofer output
• AC power input

Dimensions and Warranty:

• Amplifier: 4-15/16"W x 4-15/16"H x 3"D
• Amplifier cutout: 4-15/16"
• Echo Dot trim plate: 6" x 6"
• Input/output wall plate: 2-13/16"W x 4-9/16"H x 2-1/16"D
• Warranty: 5 years
• Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's In The Box:

• In-wall amplifier (for the Echo Dot 3rd gen)
• Wall-plate jack
• AC power adapter (attached 39" DC cord)
• Power plug adapter
• 12" AC power cord
• 6.5' Power harness
• 6.5' Cat5 cable
• Trim-cover
• 2 Screws
• Owner's Manual
• Cut-Out Template