8 Inch In-Ceiling Speaker Pre-Construction Bracket 5-Pack



Our speaker brackets make installing our speakers quick and easy. Featuring aluminum 360-degree adjustable snap lock wings with handy grid markers to easily align multiple rows of speakers, an integrated mud ring so drywallers know exactly where to cut, removable debris cover, and a wire tie loop to secure speaker wire.


Key Features: • Package of 5 pre-construction speaker brackets
• Pre Construction Bracket for 8″ (203.1mm) In-Ceiling Speakers
• Adjustable Wings
• Cut Out Dimensions: 9.75″ (247.7mm)
• Mud Ring So Drywallers Know Exactly Where to Cut
• Handy Grid Markers To Easily Align Multiple Rows of Speakers
• Removable Debris Cover
• Integrated Wire Tie Loop
• 2″ x 12″ Aluminum Snap Lock Perforated Wings
• Color Coded Black for 8″ Speakers