8 Inch In-Ceiling Architectural Speaker
w/ Lifetime Warranty


If you are looking for high-end audio solutions with big sound, our 8 inch ceiling speaker is a great addition to your home audio system.

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8 Inch Ceiling Speaker for Commercial or Architectural Audio

The goal was to create the finest architectural 8 inch ceiling speaker available with a lifetime warranty. Our engineering team has been designing products for the architectural audio market for over 20 years. The team’s experience and engineering expertise are then combined with the passion to create speakers that stand apart from the ordinary. To us, great speakers enhance great music.

Our team is genuinely excited about music and still gets a thrill when we listen to our favorite music perfected on one of our newest creations. For the best practices for in-ceiling surround sound speaker placement check out our Architectural Speaker Placement Guide. Of course, each of our speakers is backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Our eight-inch in-ceiling speakers are an exceptional addition to your home audio system, offering a multitude of benefits that will enhance your audio experience. Firstly, their compact size and sleek design seamlessly blend into any room, providing a discreet and aesthetically pleasing solution. With their ability to be mounted in the ceiling, they save valuable floor space while delivering exceptional sound quality.

These speakers boast impressive power and clarity, ensuring immersive audio reproduction across a wide frequency range. Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, or enjoying your favorite TV shows, these speakers deliver rich, balanced sound that fills the room. Their wide dispersion angle guarantees consistent sound coverage throughout the space, eliminating dead zones and ensuring everyone can enjoy the audio, regardless of their position in the room. These speakers can also be seamlessly integrated into existing audio systems, offering compatibility and versatility.

With our eight-inch ceiling speakers, you can transform your home into a captivating audio environment without sacrificing style or space. Experience high-quality sound, minimalistic design, and effortless installation, making them a perfect choice for any home audio system.

Key Features:

Modern No Edge 2 Way In-Ceiling Design
Dual Coated (Zinc and Powder) Steel Grill firmly attached with Neodymium Magnets
Extra Wide Threaded Screws for Quick Dogleg Fastening
Large Push Terminals
Removable Scrim Cloth

Mechanical Specifications:

Baffle Diameter: 10.5″ (267mm)
Mounting Depth: 3.875″ (98mm)
Cut Out Dimensions: 9.75″ (248mm)
Pre-Construction: Use Vanguard PCBC-8

Acoustic Specifications:

8″ (203.2mm) Polypropylene Woofer
1″ (25.4mm) Soft Dome Pivoting Tweeter
5/100 WPC Power handling
88dB SPL
Impedance 8Ω
Frequency Response 41Hz – 20kHz

8 Inch In-Ceiling Speaker

Stealth Design

Modern micro-trim magnetic grill designed to disappear in any home or office.

speaker sound waves

High Fidelity

8-inch polypropylene woofer paired with a 1-inch pivoting silk dome tweeter.

circuit close up

Quality Components

High-quality crossover components with strong wire terminals and tweeter thermal protection.

dog leg close up

Easy Installation

Extra wide threaded dog leg screws for fast and secure mounting.

ferrari show speaker installation

Internationally Renowned

Installed in luxury homes around the world and a Ferrari exhibit.


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