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VAIL Cast Web Interface Use

Using the Web Browser Interface for VAIL Cast

There may be times it is more convenient or necessary to set Wi-Fi passwords, update settings or firmware on the VAIL Cast via the web interface.  It can also be used to confirm the current firmware version of your VAIL Cast. These instructions will guide you through its use.

  1. A PC is also usually more convenient as the interface is configured for PC, but is not necessary for setting Wi-Fi passwords, airplay passwords or network settings. If you need to upgrade the firmware you will need a PC. 

  2. The VAIL Cast must have either been connected to your network via Wi-Fi or if Wi-Fi is not set up, it must be connected via the hardwired LAN to the network.

  3. You must first locate the IP address of the VAIL Cast. To do this you can use a variety of tools or apps to search the IP addresses on your network. If you don’t already have one, we recommend the following for PC-based searches.  www.advanced-ip-scanner.com

  4. Use the IP search tool and the VAIL Cast IP will be seen under the description VAIL Cast if it has not yet been set up.  If it has been set up, it may have the name audiocast.

  5. Enter the IP address of the VAIL Cast into any web browser. 

  6. A Web Interface such as the following will appear.
  1. If using Airplay2 the first field can be used to enter your password so that it can be seen by apps that use Airplay2 if you have not yet done so.   Enter your password and click Apply.

  2. If you have not connected the VAIL Cast to your wireless network and wish to do so you can use the Network field to choose the wireless network and enter the Wi-Fi password in the field, then click save.  To do this you must already be connected to the network via the hardwired LAN.

  3. More advanced users may wish to configure the VAIL Cast access to the network by using the Configure Manually option and entering the necessary information.

Firmware Version & Firmware Upgrades

The current firmware version can be seen at the bottom of the page.

The VAIL Cast is configured to periodically look for firmware updates in the background and update over the air if a new version is available.  A manual firmware update is therefore not necessary but may be needed on rare occasion.  It is best not to choose this option unless a special circumstance requires it.  Vanguard Tech support can be contacted via the information in the manual to assist and provide necessary information and files.


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