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VAIL Cast Network & Apple Home Setup

VAIL Cast Network Setup via iPhone

These instructions assume that the VAIL Cast has not yet been connected to a network.

  1. Power on the VAIL Cast and wait for the multicolored lights to stop flashing.

  2. On your iPhone go to the Wi-Fi Setting and scroll to the bottom of the page and you should see “SET UP NEW AIRPLAY SPEAKER” It sometimes takes a moment for it to appear.  Find your VAIL Cast on the list. Select it and click NEXT.

  3. You will then be asked which network you want to connect the VAIL Cast to.  Select the network you want VAIL Cast to connect to, a checkmark will appear next to it.  You can also name the speaker at this time.  The password at the bottom can be left blank.  Click NEXT

  4. Wait and you will see a message “Setup Complete” and confirmation of the network it has joined.

  5. Your VAIL Cast is now connected to your network via Wi-Fi and is ready to use via AirPlay2.

Connecting the VAIL Cast to Apple Home (Optional)

Once the VAIL Cast is connected to your network you can use it directly with Apple AirPlay2.  If you wish to add it to Apple Home so that you can include it in scenes and multi-room usage, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the Apple Home App. 

  2. Click the + on the top right of the screen.

  3. Click “Add Accessory” from the listing.

  4. Click “More Options” in orange at the top of the page “Scan code or hold iPhone near the accessory. More Options…

  5. On the next page you will “Select an Accessory to Add to My Home”. You will see the VAIL Cast and the name you gave it listed. Note it may take a moment for it to appear. 

  6. Select the VAIL Cast you want to Add to Apple Home.  It will then ask the location of the VAIL Cast and will give you an opportunity to change the name.

  7. It is now added to Apple Home.
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