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VAIL Cast Multi-Amp Selection, Pairing, and Setup

Identifying Specific VAIL Cast Among Many for Pairing and Setup Multi-Amp Selection, Pairing, and Setup. 

We normally recommend VAIL Casts are powered up and paired one at a time to make it easier to identify for pairing and setup. In some cases, there may be a situation where multiple VAIL Casts are powered on, and you need to identify a specific one for pairing. We recommend the following steps. It normally takes less than 5 minutes.

To facilitate the first time pairing to your Wi-Fi network all VAIL Casts can be seen via the available Wi-Fi networks on your phone. Note you can’t pair them or directly connect with them in this manner, but it makes identifying the one you are looking for easier.

  1. Look at the VAIL Cast you wish to pair with. The Cast light must be pulsing red. This means it is ready to be paired.
  2. Pull up the available Wi-Fi networks screen on your phone and if there are multiple VAIL Casts you will see a list of them. They will be seen as VAIL Cast followed by a series of numbers. Take a screenshot on your phone to capture the list of VAIL Casts seen.
  3. Using the buttons on the front of your VAIL Cast do a factory reset by pressing the volume down and mute for three seconds. The lights on the front will begin to flash. While the VAIL Cast is rebooting during the factory reset it will not be seen as available in Wi-Fi.
  4. While the VAIL Cast is rebooting return to the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your phone and take another screenshot of the available networks.
  5. Compare the first screenshot and the last one. The missing one in the second screenshot will be your VAIL Cast. Note the ID numbers.
  6. You now know the ID number of your VAIL Cast (it is the one that did not show up in the second screenshot). This can be used to properly pair via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the correct VAIL Cast.
  7. For best performance and ease of use pair it to your Wi-Fi network by following the instructions in the manual or videos. When a list of available VAIL Casts appears during setup choose the one with the ID you found.

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