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Does it need an Ethernet connection?

No, it does not require an Ethernet Connection. When docked the Echo Dot uses its normal Wi-Fi connection.

What is the Cat-5 jack for?

It is to make the connection between the VAIL Amp and the included Wall Plate easier.

All I have is a Cat-5 wire in the wall. Can I use that for power?

While we originally didn’t fully endorse using Cat-5 cable for power we have had feedback of many successes with it. We understand that it is often useful to use the existing Cat-5 when replacing existing components such as A-BUS Keypads. We recommend that if you will be using the Cat-5 that you double up the conductors to create two bundles. In short, you will take four of the conductors and terminate them at each end for positive and the four others for negative. Each Cat-5 conductor is 24AWG. When combined as described it will provide 18AWG and adequate current for most runs.

What is the 4ohm/8ohm/off switch for?

When switched to Off it serves as a “Hard” off button. If one pair of speakers is connected to the speaker inputs the setting is left at the 8ohm position. If two pair of speakers are connected the switch should be set to the 4ohm setting.

How do I switch between Amazon Alexa and my local input?

The VAIL Amp does not require switching between the two. Both play at the same time. If you don’t want to hear both simply turn off or down the source you don’t wish to hear.

Is the VAIL Amp cover plate paintable?

Yes. Please be careful to not paint the rear of the plate so that it still snaps correctly onto the VAIL Amp.

Do I have to use the wall plate?

No. The VAIL Amp is designed for flexibility of installation. While the included wall plate can provide for a simple and clean installation many may wish to terminate power at another location using the included adapter jack. You may also wish to place the plate at a remote location in an equipment closet.

Do I have to use the wall plate as a connection for the Power Supply?

You do not have to use the wall plate. There is an included dongle accessory that can be attached to the end of the power cable that will plug directly into the included power supply.


How far can I run the power?

If you wish to extend the cable beyond the one included, we have verified that the VAIL Amp will operate correctly up to 300 feet when using 16-gauge cable or larger.

How many VAIL Amps can I run off one power supply?

The included Power Supply is intended to operate one VAIL Amp.

Connect Audio Out From TV

I want to connect the audio out from my TV to the Aux Audio Input but only have optical out on my TV.

There are two things you will need to connect the Audio out of your TV to the VAIL Audio Input on the Wall Plate if you have only optical audio out on your TV.

– The first is that you have to be able to set your TV to variable audio for the output. If your TV has such an option you will find it in your TV menu. This will allow your TV remote to control the volume.

– The second thing you will need is a Digital to Analog Audio Converter. This will convert the optical out to an analog signal that can be used by the VAIL Amp. While there are many devices that do this we have tested and recommend the Metra CS-DAC.

Control Volume

When I connect the audio out of my TV to the Aux Audio Input I can’t control the volume. It just plays loud.

The VAIL Amp itself does not control the volume level from the source plugged into the Aux Audio Input. You must control the volume from the source plugged into it. In the case of TVs, your TV will need to have a variable audio output option. If your TV does have this option you will find it under the TV menu.

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