FF109-FRSC Ceiling Speaker Back Box
13″ 1 Hour Fire Rated Speaker Cover




The FF109-FRSC I Hour Fire Rated Speaker Cover is a ceiling speaker back box, dome-shaped intumescent cover that has been specifically designed to help maintain the integrity of fire-resistance-rated ceilings for 60 minutes when penetrated by in-ceiling loudspeakers.

The unique design gives architects, sound professionals and installers more freedom in speaker selection as the covers are suited to a wide range of speaker sizes up to 10″.

The flexible and lightweight nature of the covers makes installation quick and easy, reduces the stress put on the ceiling and significantly reduces labor costs compared to standard dry-walled box constructions.

The sound absorbing properties of the proprietary intumescent material serve as a noise barrier, limiting the sound transmission between floors.

The high expansion and insulating properties of the cover ensures that both, flame spread and heat transmission, are stopped for 60 minutes.

Fire Rated Ceiling Speaker Back Box Key Features:

• 60 minute fire protection
• Enhances the acoustic protection of the ceiling
• Reduces noise through floors
• For retrofit and new construction
• Lightweight (approx. 1.5 lbs)
• Easy Installation – can be fitted in seconds – no screws, drilling or additional sealant required
• Flexible material enables cover to be fitted around obstructions or retro-fitted
• For ceiling cut-outs of up to 10.625″
• Can be used with any speaker manufacturer
• Suitable for a wide range of in-ceiling loudspeakers
• In a fire, the intumescent material expands 5 times of its original thickness, closing the vent holes and preventing flame spread
• For use in floor/ceiling assemblies
• Maintenance free

Check out the video to see how this fire rated in ceiling speaker back box fills in the melted speaker hole in case of a fire.